Angora rabbit

Description: This breed of rabbit is recognized by its unusually long hair. In many countries this kind of rabbit is a significant and steady source of income and it is important to notice that, unlike other animals for their fur, rabbits should not be sacrificed, but only trimmed.
Every 3 months you can cut the rabbit’s hair and use it in the manufacturing of angora wool. Beds or articles of clothing made out ​​of this material are considered extremely fluffy and extremely popular. There are several types of Angora rabbits, but the most remarkable is the Satin Angora rabbit, which has a shiny hair and a more intense color.
             The proposed business is farming Angora rabbits for their fur. It can harvest annually up to 2 pounds of hair, which is used for garments mixed with other types of wool. Textile products made ​​from such materials are used for medical purposes in the treatment of rheumatism.
Resources needed: - information on the Angora rabbit rearing
                                 - possession of buildable space to put up a small farm
                                 - money for buying the first family of rabbits, the purchase price, approximately 50 dollars.
                                 - the acquisition or construction of cages
                                 - the purchase of necessary food for rabbits
Pros: - most products are imported
          - the breeding is as productive as that of normal rabbits
Cons: - it requires regular brushing and trimming every 3 months

Conclusion: For those who have the resources needed, it is a business with minimal investment which is definitely worth trying, especially as there is little competition.

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