Fruit in a bottle

Description: The season is coming for the right deal. Briefly, it consists of applying small bottles on the fruit as it begins to grow. The final product will have a special effect and will consist of a bottle of alcohol with fruit inside it.
The combination of alcohol to be put in those bottles depends on your skill and imagination for a special appearance. These bottles are sold at high prices, depending on the quality of the drink’s age and alcohol used in it. Here is how to realize this product:

Resources needed: - access to fruit trees, you do not need an entire orchard as it takes only several trees on the limbs of which the bottles are bound
                                 - bottles of interesting shapes
                                 - recipes and combinations that you will use
                                 - documentation and authorizing to sell of these products
Pros: - very small investment
          - process is not complex, but you need to have some recipes
Cons: - the study and authorization to manufacture and sell alcoholic beverages
Conclusion: It is a very interesting product which would sell very easily, and not only for tourists.

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