Lagotto Romagnolo

Description: Perhaps you have heard of truffles, they are those mushrooms that grow on the roots of trees on hill and mountain areas. They are considered delicacies in our country and the sale price is about 250 dollars / pound, but it depends on the kind of truffle.
But this work requires very large expenditure, gasoline, time lost in the woods, specially trained dogs, dog food and there are days when you have the chance to find nothing. But all the truffle hunters know it's the quality that first matters, specially trained dogs in this case for this type of activity being vital.

The business is proposing a mini-loft Lagotto Romagnolo breed dogs. A puppy costs between 600-1200 dollars, and an adult dog specially trained ranges from 3500 to 7000 dollars.
Resources needed: -documentation/experience in breeding dogs
                               - A country house
                               - Money to purchase a puppy (female)
                               - Expenditure on food, vaccines
                               - Mating costs (it is important that the perfect pairing with a male to do with the pedigree of the same breed), the puppies will become a value obtained as parents.
                               - Training
Pros: - initial costs for maintaining a single dog can be easily supported on a minimum wage
          - Expansion is gradual and it reinvests the money obtained
          - there are more people interested in becoming truffle seekers
          - This is a small dog, weighing 20-30 pounds at maturity and has a height of up to 50 inches.
Cons: - Lack of experience in raising dogs can cause problems and unexpected expenses
           - It is necessary to purchase a puppy with pedigree, which can cost up to 1500 dollars
           - Training for this kind of activity can sometimes be costly
Conclusion: the truffle trade is beginning to expand, but it will take a while to reach its full potential. In such a business there are great opportunities, even if you don’t sell the dogs, as specially trained dogs can make money for the owner.

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