Musical instruments rental

Description: Often you happen to buy a product and after a few weeks you get bored of it. It can also happen that you buy a musical instrument that you want to play, which can be very expensive, and if you decide that it does not fir you in a few weeks, then you are faced with a financial loss.

             The business I suggest here is the rental of musical instruments. This type of activity can be meant for both beginners and bands in need of an instrument before an event.
Resources needed: -first acquisition-related expenses of musical instruments
                                 -promoting the service through a website and / or posters

                     -solid documentation about the types of musical instruments                             
Pros: - the possibility of obtaining passive income
          - the investment can be done gradually
          - the music industry is a thriving business
Cons: - being a rental business, you need a strategy based on the collateral damage.
Conclusions: Good quality musical instruments have great time endurance and a long life, which makes them a product that can be easily valued in rental business.

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