Rent jewelry for special occasions

Description: This activity appears to be increasingly sought, and there are very few companies offering such a service. On short, customers will be brides, women who have a special presentation, people who participate in various social events, celebrities, etc. Prices range from several dozen to several hundred dollars, and the time of rental will be per day or per event.
Although at first glance this seems an expensive activity, we must keep in mind that the investment income is passive and can be done gradually.

Resources needed: - documentation in terms of buying brands
                                 - expenses related to the acquisition of premium jewelry
                                 - expenses related to a product presentation site
                                 - achieving a client portfolio
Pros: - this is a passive activity that brings income
          - the investment may be gradual
          - once you've made ​​some client relationships, you are becoming increasingly more sought
          - quick recovery of the investment
Cons: - being a rental activity, it is important to select a reliable customer base and designing a strategy will not produce large loses.
          - you must buy expensive products to make the customers feel it's worth renting
Conclusion: It starts to become an increasing activity in the field, especially among brides. Such a business is worthwhile, unless you lose customers; otherwise the advantages are on your side.

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