Bento (Japanese Boxed Lunch)

Description: It's a compact arrangement of food in a small box (which can be easily transported) and provides a balanced nutrition. This amazing food is served in a special package that functions as a clever storage food. There are various recipes available on the Internet for Bento.

               The business is making and marketing Bento in fast-food diet. This can be done through some
special containers, if you do not have or you can’t get the traditional trays used for Bento, here 
is an example of achieving such an arrangement:

Resources needed: - documentation and experimenting in terms of achieving recipes
                                - expenses in obtaining the marketing and opening of a company
                                 - renting  a small location
Pros: - no need for complex and expensive equipment
          - it is not difficult, if the recipe is followed
Cons: -there can appear extremely high costs in renting out the location of the activity
           - quality and sanitary controls are strict in the food business niche
Conclusion: Such a product would bring us balanced nutritional meals to the work place(instead of the traditional sandwich).

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