Natural soap

Description: This type of soap is a product increasingly sought by consumers. Such soap is a mixture of different ingredients and flavors, but the goal is to develop unique recipes.
    The business aim is to produce natural soap. Here you can see details of ingredients and the manufacturing process:

Resources needed: - acquisition-related expenses for the necessary ingredients
                                 - obtaining recipes for soap
                            - expenses related to pattern acquisition and special knives to complete the production process
                                 - costs for setting up a company
                                 - Expenses in obtaining the marketing privileges for soap
                                 - Packaging expenses
Pros: - natural products will become increasingly sought
          - does not require expensive production
Cons: - obtaining marketing authorization for such a product is a process that can be nerve-racking
           - innovative recipes are needed
Conclusions: Taking into consideration the trend in increasing consumption of natural products, it can be a profitable business.

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