Train models

Description: This business consists in a railway layout with all its functional elements. The time needed for such a project is between 5-12 months, but the profits are very high, as a model sells from 30.000 to 50.000 euros depending on size.
There are many collectors interested in this hobby that would be more than willing to invest large sums in order to benefit from such a model. Development costs vary depending on materials, imagination, project size, complexity and functionality. Before starting such a construction, it is needed a very good documentation in existing models on the market. Here you can see the largest model of its kind in the world:

Resources needed: - documentation regarding the construction and layout functionality
                                 - calculation of the necessary materials
                                 - cost of acquisition of materials
                                 - cost of acquiring the necessary tools
                                 - passion and patience
Pros: - sale prices of such models are very high
         - the investment may be gradual
Cons: - it is a process that requires patience and attention to detail
Conclusion: It is a business that can be done indoors with small, gradual investments that can make a profit.

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