Mosaic tiling

Description: Application of decorative mosaic is a work which consists of assembling small pieces of marble, glass, ceramics on objects. These objects may be on the wall (interior or exterior), flooring, furniture, sanitary ware, various frames, etc.
           Here is an application of a mosaic pot

    The business aim is to develop and apply these mosaic pieces on various objects and their sale. For example a table may be particularly simple and it can bring back three times its value if mosaic is applied on the countertop.
Resources needed: -documentation in the application of the mosaic
                                - expenses related to acquisition of boards from which to be cut mosaic pieces
                                - development of more interesting models
Pros:  - does not require large investment
           - such items can reach very high prices

Cons:  - the development of portfolio models is needed and the remaining projects to be documented to avoid a static stock.

Conclusion: It is an activity that involves costs and requires little imagination. The objects applied in a special mosaic pattern can be sold at high prices.

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