Soy candles

Description: In terms of organic products, there were studies that said that classical paraffin candles produce harmful emissions of harmful substances. Thus an American researcher has found a more ecological and more efficient alternative: soy wax candles.
Unlike paraffin candles, soy wax candles burn slower and twice more, and in terms of harmful gases, they are not harmful at all. Knowing that, it can be a profitable business keeping in mind the request for all natural products on world markets. The business aim is to develop and market soy wax candles. Soy wax is obtained through a chemical process of hydrogenation of soybean oil. Here is an example of how this is achieved from soy wax:

Resources needed: -acquisition costs oil / soy wax
                                - documentation regarding the implementation process
                                - purchasing patterns / molds
                                - acquisition of cotton yarn (for cords)

Pros: - natural products are increasingly sought
          - the investment is very small
          - prices of these candles are much higher than the classical candles
          - it can obtain substantial profits

Cons:  - once knowledge and dexterity in the manufacturing process are aquired, there will be no disadvantages

Conclusions: Natural products are increasingly sought and a business in this field can bring great benefits to those who choose to invest.

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