Magnetic business cards

Description: This product, relatively new on the market, proved to be more effective than traditional cards, not only does it have a longer life, but they also produce a visual advantage in respect to the old cards.
For your customers this product can bring a profit in addition to the activities they carry out. The making process is simple, consisting of printed cards listed applied on a magnetic foil sticker (which can be ordered from the internet). On international sites such magnetic cards are sold for about 0,5 euro/card.
      Here you can see the advantages of magnetic cards:
Resources needed: - professional printer
                                - Self-adhesive magnetic sheet
                                - Product promotion
                                - Some knowledge of design
                               - Practice a lot to obtain an effective commercial aspect
Pros: - the investment is insignificant
                 - If the product is implemented and promoted right, the profits are considerable
                 - The characteristics of this type product creates many advantages over the traditional cards
Cons: - if the quality of the making process is repsected, this product does not have disadvantages
Conclusion: It is a product that can easily make it on the market, with important advantages on its side. Profits can be obtained with a very small investment.

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