Growing shiitake mushrooms

Description: Shiitake (Lentinula Edodes) mushrooms are a species of Asian origin. They are used in gastronomy and are known for their miraculous medicinal properties. In China and Japan, Shiitake mushrooms have been cultivated for over 1,000 years and are considered more than real delicacies. Among the medical properties of these mushrooms: stimulating blood circulation, respiratory diseases, liver diseases, anemia, and immune system. In food processing
and preparation, these fungi are used both raw and sun-dried, but many people prefer them sun-dried, considering that the sun improves their vitamin component.
The selling price of these mushrooms is approximately 10-15 EUR / kg.
mushrooms can be obtained by two methods:
1. The bag-growing method:
      Here you can see this method implemented at a large scale:

2. Log-growing method:
 This consists in making holes in the logs and inoculating them with shiitake spawn. Mycelium is sold in different forms; there are even alternative forms of caps which are inserted into holes just made.
-Optimal wood to use: oak, alder, ash, chestnut, beech, walnut.
-Wood-Thickness: 10 - 25 cm
-Max. Wood: 120 cm
-Hole-depth approx: 5 cm
-Distance between holes approximately  10 cm
-Optimal storage humidity: 35-60%
-Frequency of irrigation: 1 / 2 weeks
Here you can see the method on the logs:

Resources needed: - a very rigorous documentation
                             - Choose the most convenient ways to increase your production
                             - Acquisition expenses for the mycelium (Approximate price: 10 EUR -100 bung; on specialized sites there are references to cheaper sources)
                             - Availability of space / land for cultivation
Advantages: - the selling price is very high
                  - The investment is relatively small
                  -the growth process is simple
                  - big market demand for this type of product
Disadvantages: - errors of production may occur in case of a superficial documentation
Conclusion: It is a business that does not require great physical and financial effort, but with a little patience and attention in meeting the conditions of growth, anyone who chooses to invest in this activity can make a considerable profit.

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