Mini-popcorn (PopSorghum)

Description:This product was discovered in Ethiopia by Andrew Zimmern on his culinary TV-show. Mini-pocorn, on short, is just like normal popcorn, only made of sorghum grain. Who has tasted this mini-popcorn, has reported that it is fluffier and tastes better than popcorn. Such a product can be produced and sold even on the street, but it can also be packaged and sold in
food stores.
Resources needed: - documentation on the entire process of production
                              - Experimentation process until the product reaches the best form possible
                              - Realization of the desired sale method
                              - Acquisition expenses for the desired quantities of sorghum
                              - Expenditure on procurement of various tools and packages necessary for the production and the marketing
Advantages: - it is an innovative product
                 - In many countries this product does not exist yet
                 - The investment is very small
                 - One could have monopoly on the market
                 - The production is very simple
Disadvantages: - if you have a good sales strategy, this product does not have drawbacks.
Conclusion: This product will soon appear in many countries, and innovation, market success and higher quality than traditional popcorn, can bring the investors significant sums.

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