Soup Stand

Description: This business is very present in international markets and benefits from a great success. The business consists of producing and selling kinds of soup easily consumed in containers.
You can opt for cardboard containers used by many coffee-to-go shops. All you need to do in addition to this is give customers a plastic spoon and a napkin. A portion will be sold at a price which will depend on the range and quantity of soup. This will be established by the business manager. The sale can be achieved in the form of a fast-food and the fact that these soup-establishments are scarce in many countries leads us to thinking that it can lead to a successful franchise. From the beginning you should put great emphasis on the choice of the name (short and expressive like "hot soup", "soup stand", "soup to go," etc.).
Resources needed: - documentation regarding the desire of the target public                             
                              - Documentation in terms of recipes
                              - Renting a small high-traffic location
                              - Acquisition of the necessary tableware
                              - Achieving the desired logo
                              - Acquisition of cardboard containers imprinted with logo
                              - Procurement of ingredients and testing recipes until they reach the best possible quality.
Advantages: - non-existent in our market
                 - Though investment is quite high, a considerable advantage is that the added profit is very high
                - Low cost ingredients
                - Possibilities of franchising
Disadvantages: - renting a location in a high-traffic area may be expensive
Conclusion: A good business plan and expansion can make this business a successful franchise.

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