Santa rental

Description: Although it is present on many markets, this service does not yet exist in all areas or may be performed only by a company in crowded areas. The service is to rent persons disguised in Santa Claus during the 24th /25th December each year. The estimated charges for this service start from 200 EUR / 30 min, generating a pretty good income, taking into account that this is an activity for only two days. It is ideal for 3-4 friends, so that to make sure that all orders will be
honored. Promoting the service efficiently is the key in this two-day business. It also can be developped to different service categories, e.g. for kindergartens, for schools, for businesses (to some Christmas parties).
Resources needed: - a site and efficient promoting methods
                              - Acquisition costs of authentic costumes and disguise apparel
                              - Lower costs of transport from one location to another

Advantages: - this activity takes only 2 days
- Lower costs
- Substantial profits
- Development possibilities to similar niches, such parties for children.
Disadvantages: - inefficient promotion
Conclusions: A simple activity for the holidays can bring extra income with a minimal effort.

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