Terrarium construction

Description: This product, also called a world in miniature, is made in various transparent glass containers in which are arranged different miniature living landscapes such as small gardens, mushrooms, various types of soils, vegetation imitating marine life, etc. They are also used to create the environment for the growth of small creatures such as reptiles, rodents, monkeys, birds, etc.. Such products can be easily marketed, with special visual features. Here we present several models for your inspiration:

Resources needed: - to establish patterns that will be made
                              - Establishing the necessary materials
                              - Expenses related to the acquisition of the necessary materials
                              - Expenses related to the necessary containers
                         - Promoting the product through a website (you can also make small engravings or inscriptions on the terrariums you sell, with reference to your site)
Advantages: - the costs are insignificant
- It is an activity that can take place at home
- Wide range of models
- Ease of implementation, it just takes a little artistic orientation
Disadvantages: - to obtain models with a great visual effect, it takes a little artistic inclination
Conclusions: Such a business can be easily done at home, and resources necessary to achieve the product are found at very low cost or they are even free.

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