USB Business Cards

Description: This revolutionary product offers additional professional business promotion, with both the effect of regular cards, and storage capabilities via the USB stick of the company presented through video presentations, PowerPoint presentations, price offers, information on the structure, history, hierarchy, etc. These cards are made of cardboard or plastic, a little thicker than regular cards, at one end with a built-in USB stick which can be slid or rotated to be
introduced in the PC.

Resources needed: - documentation regarding the most accessible and presentable format to be achieved
                          - Sliding mechanism sketches and experimentation / rotation of the part containing the cardboard and the mini-USB stick
                      - Cutting machines / cutting depending on the material selected for the process
                     - Acquisition of necessary materials and of mini-sticks
                     - Setting a sale price

Advantages: -it  is professional-looking and it has great utility
                     - It will be sold at very high price
                     - It is very effective in many ways
Disadvantages: - the process of implementation should be done after a thorough documentation process
Conclusions: An innovative product that brings such great benefits for carriers and businesses, and you can achieve substantial income if all conditions are met.

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