Dish rental

Description: This service consists of renting all objects needed in catering (dishes) to people organizing various events. Among the objects that can be rented in this service you can include plates of different sizes, bowls, forks, spoons, knives, glasses for different types of drinks, platters, coffee cups, etc... Prices may be based on the number of pieces / on the product, package or event.

Resources needed: - making the list of catering dishes most requested on the market
                              - Dishes acquisition expenses
                              - Availability to purchase a delivery vehicle
                              - A site to promote the service and to take orders
                              - A very good promotion through business cards, flyers, presentation site
                              - Dishwasher (in care you have large number of orders)

Advantages: - you can obtain a passive income
                 - Market prices are high
                 - Depending on the promotion, the invested money can be recovered quickly
                 - Storage and taking orders can be done at home
Disadvantages: - initially, the investment may be high,  as you will have to focus on acquiring quality dishes
                      - The rental process should have some sort of guarantee or a reimbursing method, in case your product gets damaged
Conclusions: Although the investment is quite high, this can be done gradually. With an effective promotion, you can make a rapid return on the initial investment.

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