Seed paper

Description: This product, relatively new on the market, consists in a process of embedding plant seeds in paper objects. The end result is an object that can be planted, providing thus the ideal gift for certain events.
Such plants can be original gift items for special events, such as invitations to: baptisms, weddings, funerals, Christmas holidays, Easter holidays, birthdays and invitations to various parties, etc.. These unique gifts, which actually come to life, can be considered reminiscent of some pleasant events in the human life. Your clients  can choose form a variety of objects that can be achieved by this process: wedding invitations, invitations to parties, birthdays, funeral services, baptisms, you can also design paper figurines, different plants such as egg butterflies, hearts, bells, buttons, or various figurines representing animals.
   The process of embedding the seeds in the paper is done as follows:

Next we present a video portfolio of international providing an example of models and prices for sale:

Resources needed: - practice and testing the product (it is important that the product has attached to it the indications of growth and how to manage the planting process)
- Promoting the product through a website, business cards, portfolio, and price offers.
                             - Pricing will be established for each product individually, depending on the complexity and type of seeds
Advantages: - very small investment
- It does not require knowledge or talent in the field
- There is a very large usage, a wide market for the product (it can be a simple gift or a birthday gift to participants at a office party, wedding, baptism)
- It is a fully recyclable and a natural product
- Can be easily sold online and delivered directly to the customer
- It is an activity that can be easily carried in your own home at minimal costs
- Great opportunities to expand this niche (visible in the movie above)
Disadvantages: - one may be faced with only superficial achievements, in the case of failing to test the product first.
Conclusions: It is an interesting and relatively new product on our markets, which requires very low investment and can be done at home with minimal knowledge. The success of such activities depends on the quality of your products, involvement in the search for new clients and product promotion.

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