Business Ideas: Shopping at night

Business Description: Services of this kind are the easiest way to make a quick profit. The work involves performing short night shopping for customers. Customers will make orders for products desired by telephone or via an order form on your website presentation.
Customers can order tobacco products, alcohol products, sandwiches, fast food products from premises that don not offer  home delivery. For this service, the customer will pay a fee that it is also established besides the price of the product ordered. So, for the products delivered you will not put the additional feel, but your profit will be  from the night home delivery fee.

Pros: - very small investment
           - For night traffic on the streets there is reduced fuel consumption
            - A good way to turn the business into a franchise
Cons: - you will lose if the distances are not calculated correctly, from supplier to client
What You Need: - you need a personal car -
                               - A presentation website and taking orders
                               - Mobile phone for taking orders
Conclusion: This simple service and small investment can be very useful for people who want a product form shops open at night and are not in the area or do not have the time to go out and buy the desired product. Once this service is developed, you can turn it into a successful franchise.

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