Business ideas: Costume rentals

Description: this business consists of buying and renting party themed costumes for different kind of events. Clients can be: schools, kindergartens and for the Organization of shows, festivals, theatre plays; companies that increasingly organize teambuilding activities, themes for holidays, occasions, various types of special occasions.
   When purchasing costumes you need to keep in mind the demand on the market of certain costumes, which can be done by opinion polls or out on the ground in the goal of obtaining information. The most popular are currently outfits for parties, team building events and theatre plays or themed outfits like Santa costumes. Each acquisition for each event must be carefully planned and calculated in advance depending on the results of field surveys and to avoid bad acquisitions that acquisitions which remain permanently in stock. 
  As with any rental service, and this service implies a guarantee of safety demanded by customers, for such warranty service the cost is between 100-200 dollars depending on the costume. This warranty will be returned to the customer at the return of costume in the condition received. Rental prices of the themed costumes are between 50-150 euro/day.
Resources required:-expensesi with the acquisition of costumes
-the availability of storage space;
-design a website/retrieval service promotion;
Advantages:-the business provides passive profits
- with your own presentation and delivery, the business can be run from home
-the investment outlay is faster
Disadvantages:-business niche, being presumed maximum involvement in search of potential clients, as in any business simply calling tunes to customers is not a winning option.
Conclusions: such a deal can take place simply with ease at home, possibly with time it can furnish a rent space. The investment is paid off quickly, if they are well calculated, investia acquisitions in a costume you can't even pay off in a few days.

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