Business ideas: Inflatable games rentals

Description: this business involves the acquisition and rental of inflatable objects for recreational activities for children. The objects can be: castles, trampolines,inflatable bouncers, inflatable water slides, with or without water, etc.
   Activities that can be rented for these toys can be: birthdays, parties, for kindergartens or schools on the occasion of anniversaries.
   The rent prices these inflatable objects start from 200 euro per day for the smaller ones and go up to 800-1000 euro/day for the objects complexity and larger sizes.
    Here are a few examples:

Resources required:-the acquisition of inflatable objects
    -carrying out a presentation site/get commands
  -the promotion of service both online, and offline at kindergartens and schools through business cards, posters, flyers, recommendations.
   -Although packed does not require much space, when in very high quantities it is necessary to have the availability of storage space.
Advantages:-rental prices in the market are very large
    -the investment recovers fast
  -expanding possibilities does not require any technical knowledge, the installation process is very simple
    -being a rental service, you receive passive income
Disadvantages:-if it goes on the gradual acquisitions and there is a sudden large business invested no disadvantages.
Conclusions: an efficient promotion of the service could lead to sufficient orders to obtain monthly at least decent profits.

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