Business Ideas : Kombucha

Description : Kombucha is a species of fungus grown from the ​​colony of a certain bacteria that thrive in sweetened tea , especially black tea , making it to be considered a very healthy drink . Kombucha fungus grows and multiplies extremely easy. What many people , especially on the internet say is that in the first phase of growing kombocha, they buy the mushroom . We can easily find international websites online from where to buy and begin a certain cultivation .
   Among the health benefits of kambucha juice, the most important that help us with battles against: cellulite , arthritis , body fat , colon cleansing , it’s also great for different skin conditions : acne , psoriasis, eczema , helps strengthen hair thickening and increases energy , anti-stress , improves sexual performance and more. In short, this juice made ​​from Kombucha fungus leads to rejuvenation, that increases life.
       The purchase price of dried mushrooms is between 10-20 euro
        After the acquisition of the fungus, the resources to obtain the juice are :

Resources needed : - a very careful documentation
       - The acquisition of the first crop of mushrooms;
       - online and offline advertising;
Advantages: - is a easy to produce and propagate
       - A product more sought
       - Once the manufacturing process is mastered, a Kombucha culture can bring considerable passive income or very low income investments.
Disadvantages: - require very careful attention and documentation
Conclusion : Whether one sells the early stage of the plant, the juice or the mature plant , this product guarantees success because of its many benefits .

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