Business Ideas: Mural art (Wall painting)

Description: wall or Mural Art is an activity that consists in decorating through painting on the surface of walls. These paintings can be made both on the inside and on the outside of the wall, also the customer can choose from a portfolio made available special order or a painting theme.
    Wall art is designed for various types of locations and clients e.g.: clubs, bars, schools, kindergartens, children's rooms, medical offices, etc. As price, this kind of paintings will be charged approximately 50-100 €/sqm simple models and 150-200 €/m2 for more complex models.
     There are two methods to make wall paintings (mural art):

1. without any sample or template : needs a lot of talent

2. using templates (stencils) : this method can be done by anyone

   Here are some examples to create a wall painting using a template (stencil) and also how to make a template(stencil) for a wall painting:

Resources required:
-documentation regarding the acquisition of the required colors and gear
-making a portfolio template
-construction of a website
-very small investment
-in the template method the process is very simple
-wide range of clients
Disadvantages:- not enough documentation in this area may lead to poor quality and unhappy clients
Conclusions: the wall paintings (mural art) are becoming increasingly popular, whether you want to create a special atmosphere in a club, or the small room for the kids with their favorite cartoon characters. Such activity can prove highly profitable over time, with relatively small investments.

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