Business Ideas: Organizing game nights

Description: for many people games as a social event are a pleasant way of spending free time with friends. In many countries there are very few places that organize and provide clients with this type of activities, which are primarily a very good way of socializing. A business of organizing games might prove very profitable and it could manifest a great interest among people of any age.

   A strategy for achieving this business could be collecting a fee for participation and giving prizes to the winners as well as a greater degree of care about the different games that can be organized every evening. These games can be: card games (poker, bridge), with games (chess, Backgammon, Rummy), board games (monopoly, risk, etc.) and many others.
   A big advantage of this business is that you don't need to have a space/room with central positioning, this makes it quite accessible to rent. One very important thing is fitting with the furniture needed, consisting in the required number of tables and chairs that can be rearranged daily by organizers for the type of game that will take place in the evening, this furniture can be found at used furniture stores or if you follow the ads and you can even catch a great deal. Prizes can be calculated as a percentage of fees and profits can come from fees or from serving/selling non-alcoholic soft drinks. Also the room can be separated into a space for smokers and one non-smokers. A simple approach would to make the whole activity look more of a meeting place between friends rather than a bar.
Resources required:-very good documentation about what to play (study trends)
-games acquisition
-site promotion/registration/announcements/advertising awards winners
-classical promotion through flyers, posters and other
Pros:-there are more and more willing for such activities
-profits with minimal effort, even in an interactive way, in a week it may exceed the amount of the rent
Cons:-this business shows no disadvantages, but the promotion has to be very efficient.
Conclusions: a business organizing game nights it may prove to be a very profitable activity from the first night.

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