Pet sitter

    It is well known that pets market is growing from year to year, many people have decided to buy a dog, a cat or a small pet.  These animals depend directly on their owners, every  owner need to take the dog or cat with him on the vacation.
    A pet sitting service  would be veryuseful for many pet owners in the vacation period. The pet sitter will take your pet from owner and will take care of him through out the period of vacation. This service can be easily achieved at home, if you don't have  neighbors that can be disturbed by animals. You can take care of dogs, cats and animals easy to maintain in cages: hamsters,Guinea pig, fish, and various birds. Amounts may be charged depending on every animal, needs,etc.
     A pet sitter business during the holidays requires very low costs, close to zero. The business can be very easy to start if you live near (in same area with) your customers. 

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