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    Trying to find profitable niche ideas, ideally you want to find a niche that isn't horribly saturated yet will generate enough interest that you can profit from it.
   The key to finding niches that are both profitable and have little competition is drilling down a top-level niche to find the profitable sub-niches within it.   By doing this you will not only have a more focused niche, you'll
have fewer competitors and more of a chance to profit with substantial sales.
So let's get drilling…
   Let's say you love shoes and want to build a niche site that is related to shoes.  Of course shoes is much too broad of a topic so let's drill down to see what specific shoe niches we there are that might be profitable.
Start with using your favorite keyword research tool, I like Wordtracker so we'll use it for example purposes.  When I type 'shoes' into Wordtracker here's what turns up:

6040 payless shoes
5233 dc shoes
3393 nike shoes
2830 jordan shoes
2643 dsw shoes
2427mbt shoes
2373 shoe carnival
2251 born shoes
2218 zappos shoes
2156 keen shoes
2156 new balance shoes
2079 sas shoes
1767 vans shoes
1613 clarks shoes
1602 running shoes
1599 merrell shoes
1383 earth shoes
1381 stiletto shoes
1355 rack room shoes
1355 rockport shoes
1334 ecco shoes
1322 dansko shoes
1299 shoe stores
1196 ballet shoes
1192 womens shoes
1183 easy spirit shoes
1173 bakers shoes
1151 toms shoes
1092 naturalizer shoes
1090 golf shoes
1055 discount shoes
1041 dance shoes
1038 red wing shoes
1024 dress shoes

    The number next to each phrase is the number of searches per day across several search engines.
These are still fairly broad categories so let's drill down a little more. 'MBT shoes' catches my eye and since they are all the rage at the moment let's take a look at what further research turns up:

2427 mbt shoes
288 mbt shoes cheap
278 discount mbt shoes
175 do mbt shoes really work
  97 mbt shoes in sun valley
  95 mbt shoes sun valley idaho
  74 mbt shoes idaho
  72 mbt shoe
  69 mbt shoes best prices
  64  discontinued mbt shoes
  63  150 or less mbt shoes discontinued styles
  53  cheapest mbt shoes
  53 mbt walking shoes
  52  buy mbt shoes
  50 best prices mbt shoes
  46 mbt shoe review
  43 mbt womens shoes
  42 clearance mbt shoes
  42 do mbt shoes work
  40 mbt anti shoe

   Looking pretty good. 'MBT shoes' gets over two thousand searches a day so we've got a very good candidate for a profitable niche. What's more if we were to create a niche website for this you've got some great categories that you can include on the site, things like:
  • discount mbt shoes
  • mbt walking shoes
  • how mbt shoes really work
  • mbt shoe reviews
  • mbt womens shoes
   To help your research even more try using keyword qualifiers like:

   Using qualifiers like these will help you see what people are searching for and where their interests lie.
In our MBT shoes example we can see that 'buy mbt shoes' gets 52 searches a day. Don't be discouraged by the low number, these are actually people ready to buy, so that's a clear indication you've got a niche that you stand to profit from.
   And by the way, '' would make a great domain name but after taking a look it's already been taken – but ' is available but it may not be for long!

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