How to Write a Good Article in Your Blog

When you can learn how to write a good article, it will become your ticket to non-stop, targeted free traffic.

   You’ll not only attract more visitors to your website, you’ll also be seen as an authority in your niche.
But if you’re stumped on how to write a good article, don’t be.
Writing good articles isn’t hard, you just need some basic, consistent strategies that you can follow for writing in a manner that is unique, interesting and relevant.

    Use Your Words To Write Good Articles

   Your best tool will be your words. The words you use should be descriptive, appeal to the emotions of the reader and grab attention.

A Good Article Starts With a Good Title

    Your article’s title is your lure. A good article title will do more than be descriptive, it will grab your reader’s attention.
“How to lose weight” is a descriptive title but “How to lose 10 pounds in 3 days” is an attention grabber.  Do you see the difference?
     Using numbers in your title is also a good strategy.  For example “How to Plant a Rose Garden” isn’t going to draw as much attention as writing  “The 5 Steps to the Perfect Rose Garden”?
Numbers let the reader know exactly what they are getting and in how many parts.  Readers like that.

A Good Article is Easy to Read and Has a Logical Flow

    The paragraphs in your articles should be no more than 2 or 3 sentences, I’d say 4 at the very most.  This makes the information easier for the reader to understand and digest.  A paragraph with too many sentences is a lot to read on one idea and you’re likely to lose your readers attention.
   The first paragraph should give a good summary of what the article is about.  It should be written to entice your reader to keep on reading.
    Your ideas should flow logically. Skipping around from idea to idea and making repeat statements makes it hard for your reader to follow along.
    The last paragraph should conclude or sum up the main points of your article. This is where you can highlight the ideas that you want your readers to remember.

Use Bullet Points in Your Article

    Readers are often scanners, that means they pick out only the ideas that catch their eye, so make it easy for them to get those ideas quickly by using bullet points.
Bullet points will break up the look of the article and help readers digest information faster by helping them pull out only the points they are most interested in.

A Good Article Writer Knows Their Audience

   Have a clear picture in your mind of your reader.  What emotions, concerns and struggles will someone reading your article have?
   If you’re writing an article about homeschooling for example, your reader will probably be a stay at home mom.  So what would the wants, desires and concerns be of a mom that home schools her kids be?   They’ll probably be somewhat different than for the stay at home mom who sends her kids off to school every day.
Know what those concerns and cares are and address them when writing your article.

Write Your Article Like You Speak

    We’ve all learned in school how to write the perfect sentence, but writing articles that are too formal can sound dull.  In other words, delivering facts and ideas as you would say them when talking to a friend is much more appealing than reading dull text book speak.
If you can write like you talk you’ll be giving your readers a better opportunity to get to know you better, they’ll get a better feel for your personality, likes, dislikes and your passions.
If you are a humorous person, let that humor reflect in your writing.  If you’re passionate, let your reader see it.
   To give you a good example of what I mean, here’s a sentence I took from an article I was reading just the other day…
“Well-written articles possess the power of bringing traffic to a web site because they accompany the quality links for the site and also give an opportunity to the writer to aim on putting their resource links in these articles by using specific keywords”.
Huh?  Is that person talking to me? I don’t feel it.
Here’s something that would appeal to me much better…
“One of the things that I do to boost my article’s traffic, that you can easily do as well, is to include a resource box that contains your best keywords and has a link back to your site”.
The sentence is short, less confusing and I feel the author is talking directly to me.
In Summary… don’t agonize over how to write the perfect article. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about writing something that your readers enjoy reading and get value from.
Of course, using good grammar and spelling is important but keep your writing personal.  Be informative while also appealing to your reader’s likes, dislikes and emotions.
A good exercise is to look at what articles got your attention that you enjoyed reading.  Study what it is you liked about them.

Craft a Good Article Resource Box

   A good article doesn’t stop with good content, you have to also create a resource box that compels the reader to find out more about  you or your business.
   Your reader is now curious about you, so here’s your chance to let them find out.
Before composing your resource box think about what your you want from the reader.  For example, are you looking for more home page links and traffic or are you  trying to beef up your newsletter subscriptions.?
Depending on what you are looking for will determine how you craft your resource box.
Once you know how to write a good article, you’ll have visitors coming to your website in droves,  and that’s traffic that is free and targeted.

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